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Passover during a Pandemic?

This probably means Zoom Seders and cooking for 2 instead of 20!

If you’re feeling glum about Passover, buy something new that you can wear at your Zoom Seder like a Yiddish inspired apron or tie. Or buy a gift for someone that you can’t be with this year and cheer them up.

All of our products are printed on demand (POD) and shipped directly to you or to your gift recipient. If you order today you will have time for your products to arrive in time for Passover.

Use our Passover Coupon code: Passover2021 and save 18%.

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save the birds

Bird species go extinct for a wide range of reasons including habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, natural disasters, pollution, hunting and poaching and invasive predators.
Our collection is designed with images of endangered birds and endangered languages. We need to preserve both in order to save our natural and cultural diversity.

A percentage of all of our sales will be donated to bird-dedicated organizations such as Audubon, Bird Conservancy and ProAves

About the artist

Save the Birds Design was founded by Deborah Kruger, an internationally exhibiting artist who makes art with recycled plastic bags. All of her artwork is about endangered birds and endangered languages. Much of the Save the Birds merchandise is designed using her beautiful drawings of endangered birds. You can see Deborah’s artwork and drawings and learn more about her process here: