DEK Top 10 Product Picks

Artist Deborah Kruger Picks her Top 10 There are now over 200 items for sale on the Save The Birds Design website. All of them are designed using a drawing or detail of my artwork. I thought you might like to know about my favorites! In the Women’s Shoes category, I love the Cambodia boots.Read More

Save the Birds Design starts new collection using Endangered Languages

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy Yiddish Merchandise!
Since we are using endangered languages in my artwork, it seemed natural to include Yiddish, my parent’s mother tongue. Before WW2, there were 11 million Yiddish speakers in Europe. Now, seventy-five years after the Holocaust, there are only 150,000 people speaking Yiddish at home. Most of these are members of Hassidic communities and younger students studying at the 20 US college programs that currently offer Yiddish studies.