Yiddish Product in time for Passover

Passover during a Pandemic? Passover was always my favorite holiday. It was like Thanksgiving on steroids. My Uncle Harry and Aunt Ruth would host a huge Passover Seder that typically included at least 30 people. The food was out of this world. And the meaning of the holiday grew as I grew up. Now weRead More

The Design Team

Deborah’s studio assistant Sandra Hernandez works with her to produce the silk-screen designs of endangered birds and endangered languages that are printed on sheets of fused, recycled plastic bags, which are later cut out into feather forms and used to build the wall-hung and sculptural artwork. Watch the documentary on YouTube to learn more aboutRead More

About the Artist

Our founder, Deborah Kruger, is an internationally exhibiting artist whose artwork is made with recycled plastic bags. All of her work is about endangered birds and endangered languages. You can see her artwork here www.deborahkruger.com and learn more about her process through her documentary below.   She has learned that fame and fortune do not go hand andRead More