Artist Deborah Kruger Picks her Top 10

There are now over 200 items for sale on the Save The Birds Design website. All of them are designed using a drawing or detail of my artwork. I thought you might like to know about my favorites!

In the Women’s Shoes category, I love the Cambodia boots. The design comes from a piece by the same name because it’s based on the map of Cambodia. This is the last remaining habitat for the elegant Bengal Florican. I think the design looks great on this boot. You can count on being the only person wearing these shoes!

The Camo green Men’s sneakers are also a fav. This design is pulled from a drawing of the wings of the Shoe Billed Heron. You have to look closely at the original drawing to see how we selected this detail and created a subtle feather design.

I also used the abstracted drawing for the Blue AOP bag. This time, the feather design appears at the top edge of the bag. I use this bag when I go out, not just for shopping!

I’m still developing designs using Endangered Languages and started my first collection using Yiddish, my parent’s mother tongue. I think the maroon tie is handsome and also makes a statement or clever gift for the Yiddish speakers in your life.

If you are a life-long journal keeper like me, you know there’s nothing like cracking open a fresh new journal. There are 9 journals in the collection so far, both hard cover and spiral bound. The one based on my piece Casanare is definitely my favorite because it’s so colorful. Casanare is another map-based piece from a state in Colombia and I showed this piece at the Durham Arts Council in Durham, NC.

Everything came together for the bright red, organic tee shirt featuring the elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and a quote by my beloved Rachel Carson. Organic cotton, ecological inspiration and endangered bird all in one tee shirt. I have two of these in my closet!

One of my favorite drawings is of the Secretary Bird. It’s kind of wild looking with feathers sprouting out all over its head. I designed a mug that says ‘Your Mom is a Rare Bird’ using this drawing. I hope you feel that way about your mom. I sure did.

Another mug is the sleek latte mug that has a detail of Turbulence wrapped around it. Turbulence is a large piece in gold feathers with red highlights. The detail is something you can stare at when you are half awake and having your first cup of coffee.

Some of the bird drawings were too detailed to print well and I reduced them to silhouhettes. The Agami Heron was very successful as a solid graphic and I used it on totes, accessory pouch, high heels, high top sneakers and cell phone cases. There’s something about this design that reminds me of the wallpaper I used to design.

When I started this merchandise project I needed to design a logo for the website and Facebook page (please follow me @Savethebirdsdesign). The logo is a compilation of 6 endangered birds: Bengal Florican, Kagu, Maleo, Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Giant Ibis, and the Shoe Billed Heron. They hail from Asia, Africa and Oceania and remind us that no matter where we live, the birds we love are at risk.

As a result of the pandemic, several of my upcoming exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed. The opportunity to sell and promote my work is severely limited. I hope that you will support me as an artist and help save bird habitat by buying this merchandise for yourself or for gifts. I give a percentage of sales to organizations working to save the birds. Thanks in advance for your support. It means the world to me!