Save the Birds Design starts new collection using Endangered Languages

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy Yiddish Merchandise!

Since we are using endangered languages in my artwork, it seemed natural to include Yiddish, my parent’s mother tongue. Before WW2, there were 11 million Yiddish speakers in Europe. Now, seventy-five years after the Holocaust, there are only 150,000 people speaking Yiddish at home. Most of these are members of Hassidic communities and younger students studying at the 20 US college programs that currently offer Yiddish studies. 

Even though the resurgence of interest on a college level (and even through Duolingo!) is exciting, the jury is out as to whether there will be enough younger speakers to keep this language alive into the next century.

As a tribute to my parents, both recently deceased, and their generation of native Yiddish speakers, we have designed a new line of merchandise featuring Yiddish and inspirational quotes by Jewish notables including Anne Frank, Abraham Joshua Heschel and Albert Einstein.

But what does it say?

For those of you who don’t read Yiddish, you may be wondering what our Yiddish products say. The excerpt below cites my sorrow about the decline of worldwide bird populations due mostly to habitat destruction and climate change and some sobering statistics about the future for bird species. At this rate we will lose another 20% of bird species by 2100.

Yiddish poem fragment from Kadya Molodovsky:
Open the gate,
Open it wide,
A golden chain
Will pass through.

I worked with Peggy Davis, a calligrapher living in Western Massachusetts, to develop and refine the Yiddish that we used for this collection. She handwrote a script form of Yiddish and my assistant Sandra Hernandez used an excerpt of Peggy’s calligraphy to develop the text for the product designs.


Peggy Davis, Calligrapher
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Bring some Yiddishkeit back into your life!

To raise consciousness about endangered languages and birds, we offer a new line that includes items for everyone including cell phone cases, tee shirts, onesies, ties, bags, sneakers, leggings, scarves and backpacks.

Purchases made for yourself, your family or as gifts will help us make contributions to save our precious birds and bring some Yiddishkeit back into your life.

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Passover canceled due to a plague

Passover begins next week, a holiday when we celebrate our freedom after suffering through the ten plagues. Now we are all faced with a new and terrible plague, Covid-19, one that is forcing us to stay in our homes and forsake celebrating with friends and family (how many of us will have Zoom seders this year?). 

We hope you will consider bringing some joy into your lives at this anxious and scary time by buying our Yiddish themed merchandise. Let’s keep our sense of humor and our love of Yiddish alive at Passover and pray that we will all get through this narrow place alive and well.

Be safe and Zay Gezunt,